Now Go To Work

OK, You got the job. Now here are a few things that will help you get by the Probation Period, and to Keep Your Job.

Get a good nights sleep.

Get up early, eat a good Breakfast,

Dress appropriately. Wear Clean Clothes, get your hair trimmed, Look Sharp, Be Sharp.

Get to your New Job 15 Minutes Early. Get there 10 Minutes Early every Day After The First Day

Be Positive, Listen, Listen, Listen. Do not get wordy or act like you know it all.

Take a short Morning Break, if they actually do. If you smoke Make it a Short one (think about quitting) only during recognized Smoke Breaks.

Do NOT take many smoke breaks.

Take a short, reasonable Lunch

Take a short Afternoon Break, if they actually do. I know some companies do not take breaks under the current Economic Conditions.

Now it is Quitting Time. Do Not Hurry. Stay for 10-15 Minutes, clean up your work area, organize for tomorrow.

If you get to work 10-15 Minutes early and Leave 10-15 Minutes late, you will make an impression, and possibly keep your job beyond those that "watch the clock". I know of some of our Participants that did not "watch the clock" and survived the layoffs

If you just do not feel like going to work one day, go anyway. Unless you have a Fever or Puking your guts out Go To Work. If you must stay home, CALL THE OFFICE AND TALK TO SOMEONE (Like the BOSS). Do not, Do Not, Do Not, NOT CALL. You will Loose the job and not have a good referral for the next one.

BE RESPONSIBLE. There are probably Thousands of people out there looking for a job, KEEP YOURS!

Lastly, Keep looking for a Job, even after getting one. You will find that getting a better job is easier when you have a job.

DO NOT Quit your Job until you actually have one. You may become short of money and cannot pay your bills. This can cause undo stress. The stress may show up when interviewing.

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