Sample Resumes

Example Resume 1  But Please read the following first:


Keep it Simple. The person Reading your resume will read for 20 Seconds.

Make it 1 Page for best results. FOLLOW-UP with a Phone Call or Letter (Post Card). When you also submit a customized Cover Letter you will get a little longer than the original 20 seconds. Just think, you need to get and maintain the recruiter’s attention for as long as possible.


Have someone review your resume. You might take it to a Career Center such as Goodwill or Maricopa Workforce Connection, AWEE Connection, Jobbing Foundation, and have them Critique it for you.


The Jobbing Foundation has prepared several videos for you to view and assist you in your Job Search. Click Here. Start at the beginning Video and view each one. Click Next to go to the next video.


We have prepared a few sample resumes that you can use to create you own custom resume. These are templates that you can then save to the computer. You can save to your own personal USB Drive or to Drive K on the Kokopelli Computer. You can create a folder on Drive K for your files, but, for your information, other people will be able to access the information. The USB Drive is more secure for you.


File Dialog.jpgWhen you select the Resume File that you want, there will be a dialog that appears:


You can Either Open the file and to review it or Save It. In either case If you do open, then Save it on either the USB Drive or Drive K. Give the file a name that you select.


To save: Click Save As, then select where to save (Your USB or Drive K, then give the file a name. I suggest you also select to save as a Word 2003 Document.

 When creating your resume, be sure to customize for the Job your are Applying for. You should have a Master that can be edited for each job.

For the Resume Format you select, change the Heading to your information. Be sure to have a contact phone for the prospective employer to call. Oh yes, if you have a cutsie phone ring, get rid of it for now. Have a regular ring tone for the caller. The music and lyric phone rings are not professional and are downright annoying for many Human Resource persons. Most will just hang up if they get the “noise”. Another possible issue is an email address. Use your  Try your or a variation. No cutsie stuff here either. Double check your information to make sure it is correct.

Create your objectives to match the job you are applying for. Maybe do a little research on the Internet on the Company. Maybe a news article will give a clue for discussion.

Now go through the body sections of the resume and make the information fit you. You should sit back and think of all the positive things you have done. Your skills may be key to getting the job.

Your past work history is very important. Anything you can list will help, as long as it is accurate. Try to have a couple of recommendations from past employers or even people you worked with. Have their name, address, phone and make sure they know you might provide a perspective employer with the information. A letter of recommendation would be great to take to an interview. Make a copy.

For your education, it does not have to be formal. Any training you have had will help. You may have taken a 1 day seminar on something. Keep track of any future education and training you might get.

Now what are the job demands, what does the job do?. You want to mimic those demands in your resume, without being dishonest. This means try to steer your past experience to match as close as possible to the Job Requirements.

When you fill out an application for a job, keep a copy. Then you can note all the information they request and keep adding to the information as you go to other jobs. This will make it easier for you to fill out future applications, by having the information at your fingertips.

You might take it to a Career Center such as Goodwill and have them Critique it for you.

Now, Good Luck! And once you find a job, keep looking. It is usually a phenomenon to find a job when you have a job.

The following are additional resources. Some start out as free, but the end result might cost.

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