Each day, clean up any messes you made.

     Make your bed each day and put away any clothes, before you leave for work.

Responsibility list for Bedroom

Weekly at a Minimum and as Needed

     Please use a dust mask and protective gloves if you need. Get any supplies from the manager or supply shelf.

     Raise the blinds to wipe and dust the window frame and sill. Clean window with Windex Cleaner.

     Dust the ceiling fan and blades. Use the step stool to dust the top of the blades and fan. Have another resident spot you if you feel uncomfortable on the step stool. DO NOT BEND or PULL THE BLADES.

     Clean the walls and door.

     Test the Smoke Alarm on the first week of the month.

     Dust and clean the dresser. Use Pledge to keep looking nice.

     Sweep the wall edges to get any dirt from the wall.

     Vacuum your bedroom.

     Check under your bed and clean any trash.

     Straighten your room and closet.

     Put all cloths on hangers, in the hamper, or in the chest.

     Remove Garbage to the Black Can outside and clean Bedroom Garbage Can. Replace the liner, if needed.

     If spray lightly with Febreze or Lysol NeutraAir to keep your room smelling fresh.

     Report any issues to the Manager. Use the Report Form on the Desk.

Thanks a bunch

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