Common Areas

     Each time you use the Common Areas, clean up any messes you made.  

Chore list for Common Areas

     Clean the walls and doors for all Common Areas.

     Clean the Common Area Bathroom.

     Clean the Kitchen.

     Dust all furniture, chairs and couches. Use Pledge on the tables to maintain nice appearance.

     Raise or Open the blinds and curtains. Wipe the window frames and clean windows with Windex Cleaner.

     Clean the mirrors with Windex Cleaner.

     Dust the ceiling fans and blades. Use the step stool to dust the top of the blades and fan. Have another resident spot you, if you feel uncomfortable on the step stool. DO NOT BEND or PULL THE BLADES.

     Clean the tiled or linoleum floors with Formula 409 Cleaner  .  

     Sweep the wall edges to get any dirt from the wall.

     Check the vacuum bag to see if is full and replace if necessary.  Vacuum the floors.

     Check the area under any counters and clean. Report any water leaks to the manager.

     Remove Garbage to the Black Can outside and clean Bathroom Garbage Can. Replace the liner.

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