Computer User Guide

The computer user ID is kokopelli. The Password will need to be provided by the manager You will need this password to use the computer.

Most everything in this document assumes you know about and can use a mouse. If you do not, then let us know and we will help you. There is a "Computer User Book" that is supposed to be located near the computer. You can refer to that book.

This computer has already been registered and connected to the Internet. There is also a more advanced training program on the computer for Windows.

There are several training programs on the computer and also the standard computer applications. There is also training books in the bookcase. Feel free to use them, and put them back when you are finished. Do not remove any materials from the computer area, as other people may need to use them.

To get started using the computer, click on the Start and Programs selection.

The training programs are in the selection under Programs, named Computer Training. Select the training you want and get started.

If you want to use a program, then select that item under the Programs list or in the area on the top box above the Programs list.

The Internet is accessible from this computer. There is a document to help you set-up an Internet email account. Please refer to that document.

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When going to another website, you will need to either click Back to return to Kokopelli or launch the http://www.kokopelli-recovery.org website again. Thanks a bunch