Free Stuff

The following are links to Free Email, Web Space and other interesting "stuff" on the Internet Highway.
Web Sites Email and Other Sites
Take a look at these and maybe even search for more "free web space". Be careful, some may try to get you to sign up for a "Fee" site after a trial period, while others are what they say, FREE. Remember, these free sites get compensated via advertising. Therefore, there will be pop up ads, banners, and other types of ads that really pay for your web space. The following are normally free. Just like the Web Space, they may have ads to support the service. Pick "ONE" email and stick with it. If you have too many you will spend a lot of time checking them all, and may even have a hard time keeping up with the security paswords. Pick a name that means something to other people. Use your real name, not some cutsie nick name. The idea is to be able to communicate with others and maybe send out resumes and other "professional" type information.
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