How To set up Internet Email

 Launch the Internet Explorer (That is the e at the bottom left of the screen next to the area to the right of Start.

 Up at the top of the screen is a line named Address

 Click in that field (it will then be highlighted) and type in http://www.yahoo.com, then press Enter.

 Click on the Icon that says Mail

 When first setting up your email you will select  the text that says New to Yahoo, Get a free Yahoo Mail Account. After you do set up your email you will enter your Yahoo ID and Password and select Sign In. Do Not ever select “Remember my ID on this computer” for this or anything else. Another person could get into you personal stuff, because the sign in would be automatic. When you get your own computer you can do that, but not now.

Then click Sign Up for Yahoo Mail

The above is a partial screen. Fill in all the blanks.

 When you get to the Yahoo ID part try using your first and last name. Sometimes you might use the underscore character ( _ )., then click on the option to Check availability of this ID. If it is not try one of the suggestions or select another ID, that you will remember. If you get too cute, people may not know who you are and delete your email, so try to just use your name.

 You will be asked to enter the code at the bottom. Just enter as best you can, as it is sometimes a little confusing. Then click Agree.

Now you are ready to Yahoo Mail. Click on Continue to Yahoo Mail

Congratulations, you did it.. Yahoo has help during the process and on the email too. You will see one (1) email that is a greeting from Yahoo. You can now send and receive email.

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