The Kokopelli Diamond in East Mesa

For Men

1463 E Diamond, Mesa, AZ  85204

Phone: (480) 219-2768

The Map-Our Location (Click on image for full size)



Start at Stapley and 8th Avenue

  • Go East on 8th Avenue for 6 streets on the North side to Barkley

  • Turn North (Left) on Barkley which turns into Diamond

  • The facility is on the South (Right)

  • Arrive at 1463 East Diamond Avenue.



The Front 

The Rear

Another Rear Yard View

Living Room

Satellite TV

A second Living Room

Satellite TV

Main Bathroom

There two main bathrooms plus the manager's bath

Computer Area-High Speed Internet

The Kokopelli

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

The Laundry

Bedroom 3 again


Kitchen (2 refrigerators)


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